It’s safe to say everyone is tired of the winter.  With the snowiest February on record- homeowners have enough on their mind like ice dams and getting the snow off the roof..  Keeping your house warm and your money in your pocket should be the easy part this season!
1) Close those curtains at night- Closing the drapes at night will keep the drafty winter air from sneaking in.  Don’t have long drapes?  A basic bed sheet will do the trick as well. 
2) Draft Stopper- Draft Stoppers can be found just about anywhere and are quite inexpensive!  They rest at the bottom of any door leading to the outside and prevent the cold air from sneaking in at the bottom.  A rolled up towel works just as well.
3) Be mindful of vents- Most homes in New England have baseboard vents.  Be sure to move any furniture away from the vents to allow heat to move about.  Just move the couch an tiny bit forward and you’ll notice a world of a difference!
4) Close doors- This is probably the easiest one.  Not in the office?  Close the door.  Have an extra bedroom?  Close the door.  By closing doors to unused rooms, you keep the heat where you want it most- where you are!
5) Use the Oven- Nothing heats up a house quite like the oven.  Spend a lazy Saturday baking or cook a Turkey for dinner!  This way you stay warm- and you have a delicious dinner!
Keep warm and hang in there!
Boom Realty